Dear Parents,

I’d like to take a moment and welcome both our new and returning parents. Our volunteers are an integral part of what makes Morikami Park Elementary such an exemplary school.  The PTA is committed to making this 2017-2018 school year a tremendous success. Success can only be attained with the help of our dedicated parents.  

If you have an interest in any volunteer opportunities that are coming up simply click on the “Volunteer Interest Form” link below. This form will be updated as various opportunities arise. Once an event draws close we will send out additional information via Sign Up is the scheduling tool we use to coordinate volunteers. It allows you to view all open volunteer slots, swap spots, see who else might be volunteering etc. All you will need is an email address.

Before you can begin volunteering all parents must be cleared through the schools RAPTOR system. This is a very quick process that’s done by the schools front office staff. All you will need is your driver’s license or state issued ID.

We are so grateful for the help of all our volunteers. If you have any questions, I can be reached via email.

Thanks so much!!!

Stephanie Dunham
VP of Volunteers



Simply click on the link above and sign-up for an event or duty that interests you. We’ll contact you  and answer any questions you might have.
If you’re READY to volunteer for an event or duty simply click on the link BELOW each event(s) title  to sign up for a specific date and time on Volunteer Spot, our online volunteer organizer! You can select your "volunteer time periods", "To Do" and "To Bring" items depending on the event. Once you select a shift or duty Volunteer Spot will automatically send you an email reminder.
We really appreciate you taking the time to be here. Our school is a better place because of all your support and hard work! - Thank you!
Whether you come to lunch, grade papers at home, make copies for a teacher, shelve books, or work a booth at Carnival, you are an important part
of the Morikami Park Community. Our administration, teachers and PTA members rely on you and look forward to another terrific year together!
In an effort to protect our precious instructional time, please share these additional reminders for volunteers:
            •       Use your best judgment – if you are unsure ask a staff member
            •       No siblings allowed when volunteering
            •       When helping one teacher, do not go into other classes and ask the teacher if they need help
            •       Please do not peek into the classroom of your children
            •       Please do not pop into your child’s classroom to speak with your child. If you need to get a message to your child, inform the front office
            •       Please do not try to conference with your teacher about your child when you are volunteering
            •       Please do not discuss other children with teachers or parents. All student information is CONFIDENTIAL
            •       Children are children and everyone is entitled to a bad day. Please remember that when you are in a classroom.
            •       When in a classroom, you are a volunteer and you are not there to judge a teachers’ instructional practices
            •       Be sure to come in only at your scheduled time
            •       Please remember that you are there to assist the teacher
            •       Volunteers cannot enter the building until 8:15


In order to volunteer you must first be screened through RAPTOR, the nation’s leading school
management tool.  Our front office staff is equipped with two RAPTOR scanners. All you need to
provide is your driver’s license or any other state issued ID. Once it’s scanned you can begin
volunteering.  Volunteers MUST check in and out with our front office staff. They will check you into
the RAPTOR database when you arrive, print out an ID label and check you out upon your
departure.  Volunteers will also need to login to the Volunteers In Public Schools system via the
computer in the front office. Volunteer hours are also tracked via this database so make sure to alert
the Volunteer Coordinator (email: ) of any hours you’ve logged in off
site.  All volunteers must enter through the front office to receive an ID label.  The ID label is only
good for the day it is issued.  


We love our MPES volunteers and we can't do it without you!
Volunteering will officially begin after Volunteer Orientation.  Volunteer Orientation will be held on
Tuesday, September 26 th , 2017, at 8:15 in the Media Center. All volunteers are encouraged to
If you have any further questions – click on the links below to review the presentation from the
Orientation or access additional information regarding Palm Beach County School District’s
volunteer policies:

PBCSD Volunteers Webpage