How much does breakfast/lunch cost and what is included?
Breakfast is FREE to ALL students.

Breakfast includes entree, grain, meat/meat alternative, fruit or fruit juice and milk.

The cost for lunch is $2.05/day or $0.40/day for reduced lunch.

Lunch includes entree, grain, fruit/vegetable, meat/meat alternative and milk.
FYI-  Students MUST take everything included with their breakfast/lunch in
order to avoid paying for individual items.  

What should I do about lunch the first week of school?
The first week of school is a big deal for students to let your child decide if they want to pack their lunch or purchase in the cafeteria.

New students will be assigned a lunch number that will be used to purchase lunch.  Lunch numbers are assigned on the first day of school and until students memorize their lunch number, cafeteria staff will gladly look up by last name.

What time is lunch?
Lunch is assigned by grade so please check the agenda for your scheduled time.

How can I put money in my child's lunch account?
Once school starts you can add money to the lunch account by using
either cash or check in the cafeteria.  If you prefer to use a credit card
you can sign up for "Cashless School".  This allows you to add money from home.


Can I eat lunch with my child?
Yes, parents/grandparents can eat lunch with their child ONLY ONCE A MONTH. You do not
need to make arrangements in advance with the teacher just check in the front
office and head down to the cafeteria during their assigned lunch time.